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Christian Family Fellowship Ministries

Praise Coffeehouse - The Next Level - A New Adventure !

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How to help us financially

Here we may list activities that are scheduled for the next couple of months. Things could change frequently, so it is a good idea to visit this page as often as possible to keep up to date.

Ron Abert and his daughter Kathy Abert are available for  special times of concert.
Kathy and Ron have a  name for their band now - it has been known as the Kathy Abert band - and now it is named : " The 15TH STATION"
The 15th Station is scheduled to be in concert at :
Treasures of the Kingdom Cafe on
July 7th , 2006
at 6pm
The address is :
525 Lincoln Hwy
Fairview Heights,IL.
Phone is 618-632-9700
Email us at :
Take a look at Kathy's myspace website and the myspace website of The 15th Station. Stay in touch and let us know if you would like to have them booked at your next function.
Please contact us for information.
If you would want them  to come to minister in your coffeehouse or church or school,etc.
Also Kathy Abert is available for special  concerts as well.
She has an anointed and dynamic voice for the Lord .
Ron and Teresa Abert are available for times of sharing with your congregation to know more about the ministry that we do as individuals and as a family.
Ron and Kathy have a band that is available to come and minister at your coffeehouse- church- youth group function.
- The 15th Station- aka - the Kathy Abert band.
When they are in concert it will be listed as The 15TH STATION BAND.
Take a look at the MYSPACE WEBSITES OF KATHY ABERT AND THE 15TH STATION . The sites on our link page of this website.
God bless you , Ron and Teresa and  Kathy Abert
The Music / Concert /Ministry  Schedule:
See at the top of the page - The 15TH STATION TO DO A CONCERT AT
Rev.Teresa Abert ,and daughter Kathy Abert
  hosted a "Women's Conference"
Date was October 1,2005 -Starting time of 10am until early evening time.
A great time had by all the women attending.
There will not be a womens conference at Praise Coffeehouse in the Fall 2006 - We believe that we are called to go to your women's ministry function and to be available for your special meeting , call us to book us for ministry -speaking engagements.
Teresa and Kathy are available for your special womens ministry meeting, call us ,email us , write us and we will seek the Lord about being with you in your special function and meeting.
 We as a family ministry when ministering do expect a word of encouragement to be there for you when we speak the words of the Lord,in the a world where it is hard to find such an encouraging word, we are here to see that you are lifted up from where you are ,and set new heights of thinking and expect God to bring us to a place of rest and to be effective in our world each new day in Him.
If you need Kathy and Ron to come and minister in concert, or Ron and Teresa , and Kathy to  minister in your meetings please contact us.
 We are anticipating an Overflow of God and Blessings Abundantly.
We are ALIVE IN 2006 to proclaim His word and to see the captives set free!
Love and prayers,
Chaplains Ron and Teresa Abert, and Kathy Abert

How  Can  You  Help?
Feel free to send the monthly  support or other gift amount to the mailing address:
"Mission Statement"
To reach the lost , and to edify , encourage , and strengthen believers through fellowship and the medium of music,and through the word of God.
Thank  you so very much  for helping Abert Ministries touch lives with the love of Jesus. Please join us for as many concerts as possible , and consider to be monthly financial partners, and continue to pray for this work .

Hi Everyone, I thought I'd just get on and give ya'al an update! We finally have our house on the market. So pray it will sell fast, and for a good price! As most of you know when the house is sold we are going to be getting a rv-camper , and going on the road to minister . Then we will be free to go where the Lord leads . It will make it so Kathy and Ron can do more concerts, and so Ron and I can be free to minister different places along the way .

We have had a yard sale this last weekend, and  will  also be having it this next Friday and Saturday!
So pray it will be successful!

And we so badly need prayer and financial partners to stand with us as we go out on the road to minister.
As we all know gas is not cheap, and you never know who we will meet along the way, we will need prayer for safety!

We will no longer be having bands play at Praise Coffeehouse, at least as it stands now. The Lord has been leading us to reach out beyond Greenville to minister.

I will be updating our ministry website soon about what the Lord is doing in our lives and in our ministry .

Our ministry website is :

Send all checks and correspondence to :

Abert Ministries,Inc-
Chaplains Ron and Teresa,
and Kathy Abert
410 South Prairie Street
Greenville, IL.62246

Contact us anytime through our website or Myspace.

Stay in touch and God bless,
love and prayers,

Chaplains Ron and Teresa , and  Kathy

       Mailing address:        
Praise Coffeehouse , 410 South Prairie Street, Greenville,IL. 62246
Email addresses:
also contact us through :